Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Socks, socks and more socks

I have completed my first pair of socks for Sock Wars! Now I just have to wait and see if I get killed by Socks of Doom before I receive socks in progress from my victim, Hmmm.. will I live to kill again? Meanwhile, I am working on Mein Gummibaer's Socks. I have not been completely satisfied with the common wedge toe. I find it too pointy. So I decided to find a new toe for these socks. MG tends to wear a hole in the toes of his socks so something sturdy was in order. I went to my handy dandy sock book stack and found just what I was looking for in Queen Kahuna's Crazy toes and heels. I am going to use the "Cathy's creation" toe which is nice and rounded but still a grafted toe. Gummibaer likes grafted toes better. And I am going to use heel stitch for more durability! Yay! A new technique! I'll let you know how it comes out.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sock Wars!

The grand Sock War has begun! There were some technical difficulties but we shall push on. I am knitting up a storm, my socks growing by the minuet!
I won't post more for fear of giving up allied information! And now, back to the battlefield and my socks.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Old Hat

Well, if a baby hat can be old! I made this hat for my friend's little girl. I used a generic hat pattern and added rabbit fur! I did it like a thrummed mitten except I did it in a slight spiral pattern. It reminded me of ferns unfurling in spring!

I used sport weight Gems Opal pure merino and German angora rabbit fur (so very soft!) with a soft rolled brim and simple decreases this hat was easy and fun to make!

I can be a bit of a neat nick at times and today was one of those times! I went through my yarn stash and found all my remainders from old projects and separated them by weight. I put them all in zip-lock bags. Then when I was reading the Yarn Harlet's blog I saw this picture. I love this blanket! So I decided that I will make one using the left over yarn from all the socks I make. I have small feet so I don't quite use all the yarn in most balls for my socks and my boyfriend's feet are so big that I need two balls but don't use all of them for his socks either so this is perfect! I am so excited to have found a way to use up all my loose ends!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mein Gummibaer's Socks

Although I don't have any pictures to show, I thought I would tell you about Mein Gummibaer's Socks. They are knit two at a time on two circular needles size 0 (us). I am using Austermann Step in color 06. I am loving this yarn! The aloe in the yarn is not particularly noticeable except for the very soft hand. The colorway is nicely striped but not too bright for a guy. I like knitting with selfstriping yarn because I get excited about the color changes, I just can't wait to see what color is next!
I cast these on in March and they are taking forever! I have other projects going but I must say, size 0 needles and size 13 men's feet do not match! I really like the socks so far (I'm halfway down the foot, top down) and they fit their intended target perfectly. I am concentrating on them for now as I gear up for Sock Wars! I am looking forward to my deadly socks! I am glad to be knitting in DK because it will be a nice change from Gummibaer's socks and I really need some socks for myself now that the weather is getting cooler so this is perfect! I make socks for so many different people, I never get around to making any for me. I really like ending up with a different pattern for each person based on their likes and dislikes because I almost always learn a new technique with every pair of socks! Yay Socks!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Knitting history

I first learned to knit when I was nine or so. I made so many mistakes that I gave up in disgust. Three years ago I got the crazy idea to make socks for my sister as a Christmas present. I picked up needles and a book and made socks, it took me a year and many froggings, but I made them. (no picture too scary) I was hooked. I started making hats. This is the first one I made using my own design. I cast on with the white (Jo Sharp Silkroad) and knit into the front with an eyelash and into the back with the Jo Sharp. I used different needles and different gauges. When I had enough "fur" I knit the eyelash and the Jo Sharp together and continued with the hat. It came out well because the whole hat had the softness and shape of the Silkroad and the bottom edge was nice and firm.
Sorry about the bad picture. It was taken with my old camera. I am saving for a digital camera. So hopefully I'll be able to post some nice new pictures soon!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hi Everybody!

Hi everybody! I have been reading blogs for a little while and wanted to get in on the fun. I plan to post mostly about knitting and some about food and cooking. I am a cook by trade and sometimes I just get so excited about something that I just have to share! My knitting is my main creative outlet and therapy. I love color and creating makes me happy. I hope you will enjoy reading this and I will try to post as regularly as possible.