Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mein Gummibaer's Socks

Although I don't have any pictures to show, I thought I would tell you about Mein Gummibaer's Socks. They are knit two at a time on two circular needles size 0 (us). I am using Austermann Step in color 06. I am loving this yarn! The aloe in the yarn is not particularly noticeable except for the very soft hand. The colorway is nicely striped but not too bright for a guy. I like knitting with selfstriping yarn because I get excited about the color changes, I just can't wait to see what color is next!
I cast these on in March and they are taking forever! I have other projects going but I must say, size 0 needles and size 13 men's feet do not match! I really like the socks so far (I'm halfway down the foot, top down) and they fit their intended target perfectly. I am concentrating on them for now as I gear up for Sock Wars! I am looking forward to my deadly socks! I am glad to be knitting in DK because it will be a nice change from Gummibaer's socks and I really need some socks for myself now that the weather is getting cooler so this is perfect! I make socks for so many different people, I never get around to making any for me. I really like ending up with a different pattern for each person based on their likes and dislikes because I almost always learn a new technique with every pair of socks! Yay Socks!

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