Monday, September 18, 2006

Knitting history

I first learned to knit when I was nine or so. I made so many mistakes that I gave up in disgust. Three years ago I got the crazy idea to make socks for my sister as a Christmas present. I picked up needles and a book and made socks, it took me a year and many froggings, but I made them. (no picture too scary) I was hooked. I started making hats. This is the first one I made using my own design. I cast on with the white (Jo Sharp Silkroad) and knit into the front with an eyelash and into the back with the Jo Sharp. I used different needles and different gauges. When I had enough "fur" I knit the eyelash and the Jo Sharp together and continued with the hat. It came out well because the whole hat had the softness and shape of the Silkroad and the bottom edge was nice and firm.
Sorry about the bad picture. It was taken with my old camera. I am saving for a digital camera. So hopefully I'll be able to post some nice new pictures soon!

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