Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowed in = lots of Knitting

Mushu Kitty likes the snow too!

I have been holed up in the snow here and that means knitting and lots of it!

I finished both the girlfriend swing coats

and I started my Birch! I love, love, love this project! The yarn is to die for, the pattern is perfect and I am enjoying the lace. Did I mention I can't wait to wear this shawl!??

I also started a hat for my brother using the Zeebee pattern. This is a fun knit. He picked the colors to go with his winter jacket. I think they look like cantaloupe and honeydew so I am calling this the melon hat.

I am teaching my sister to knit. She is making a simple hat. I think a hat is a great first project because it is small, simple, everyone likes them and not boring to knit. She is doing very well and learning fast! We might have a new knitter on our hands!
When I am not knitting I'm in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas!

These are my favorite Gingerbread cookies, we have made them every year since I was little.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....

A sunny day in December and off we go to find a Christmas tree.

Here is a neighbour's tree farm just down the road.

Mom looking for a tree

How about this one?

Got it!

wrestle with the lights, dig out the ornaments, decide on a color scheme, put on some Christmas music, have some tea, get a step stool, star on top,


Isn't it pretty!?

My First Handspun!

Check it out!

My first ever hand spun yarn.

I had some mohair fiber hiding out in my stash so I played with that and this is what I got. I have never spun before or had a lesson but I had a pretty good idea how it is done from blogs and having seen people spinning in person. I made a thick single and Navajo plyed it. The yarn is bulky and a little uneven and I think I might have enough for some fingerless mitts or stripes on a hat!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Toy!

I finally broke down and bought a drop spindel, I fell in love with this little beauty from Butterfly Girl Designs I had some mohair hiding out in the bottom of my stash so I could try my hand at spinning.
Next up, how to Navajo ply!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We've been busy

baking cookies for mom's bakery. She likes to make sugar cookies all though the month of December as a service to her costumers. It takes a lot of extra time to make these but we have fun!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snowy Day!

This is what the day was like here
We got about 10 inches of snow! Snow is so nice especially when you don't have anywhere to be but at home.
So what better to do than this!?
I spent the day knitting, drinking tea and listening to music. I tell you, it's a rough life! I cast on some socks for Gummibaer with yarn that we got in Germany. (He picked it out) They are going to be very plain socks and I'm thinking of making them kind of tall. I don't have a pattern I'm just starting with a short row toe and taking it from there.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas comes early!

I won some sock yarn in a contest on Elizzabetty's blog and look what she sent me!
Lots of goodies too! Some yummy brownies, a cheesecake mix I can't wait to try, hand made soap that looks like it will be my new favorite and some knitters hand cream! Oh and did I mention YARN lovely, soft, pretty, YARN. My mom is just crazy enough to think I might let her have it, silly lady!
Thanks, Elizzabetty!