Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A little about Me

My First Hat in it's Natural Habitat

This is the first hat I ever knit. I made it shortly after I struggled through my first pair of socks. The pattern is the Tricolored Stocking cap from Hip to Knit and the yarn is from Muscle in your Arm Farm and was purchased at the Norwich farmer's market in Vermont. I changed the color pattern a little and added more stripes. The hat is well loved and can be spotted on snowy days in the Green Mountains.

New Needles!

I am one very excited knitter. I have finaly ordered the knit picks options set! I have been dreaming of these since they came out.

While I lay in wait for the postman I am slowly making headway on the pulse cotton sweater. I think I have out grown this project. I got the yarn (Cotton classic) and started this project many months ago intending for it to be my introduction to color work. Now, I feel so confident that I want to jump into some fair isle socks! I am only one third of the way up the back of the sweater and I am bored with it. I know it has a cool stripe, a vertical stripe, bit I am still bored. I am finding that I like working with the cotton yarn although it is a little heavy. Still bored. Maybe it is the endless 2x2 rib. The whole sweater is in 2x2 rib. Maybe I should have seen this coming? I shall persevere. It is nice to have an easy project on the needles and I know the recipient will wear this sweater until it falls off of him so there is that to think of.

I have finished the baby things and sent them off in plenty of time as the new arrival is expected at the end of March.

As spring break nears and with it the middle of the semester I find myself thinking about what is next. My boyfriend is done with school here in Arkansas at the end of this term and will be going to Germany. I will be moving our house hold back to my home state of Vermont, putting it in storage and joining him at the end of August after my sister's wedding. It will be a busy summer! I have moved quite a bit in the last few years so I think I have the hang of it now. I am a little unsure about moving overseas though. I have been overseas before, but always with the Navy so I have not had to move my stuff and find a place to live. I'm sure it will all work out and I am very excited about going to Germany!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sock Kick

I finished the Topknot tie about two weeks ago and since then I have been crazy creative in the little knitting time I get on weekends. I whipped up an original hat for a co-worker's birthday, I made another baby hat and started the matching socks both without patterns and this weekend I finally designed a pair of fair isle knee socks for the Rowan 4 ply that has been waiting in my stash for almost a year. I am almost done with my crazy green socks so maybe next weekend I will cast on for my knee socks. I imagine that they will be on the needles for quite a while! Amid all my swatching I some how ended up with a diaper cover on the needles!!? I guess I'm really getting into this baby stuff for my friend Tiffany.
In other news, I just received some lovely lace weight Zephyr in ruby from fiddlesticks. Yummy! They sent me the coolest little lace project kit as a gift! A tiny lace pouch for potpourri. The little bag has a bit of yarn and every thing else you need all wrapped up with a bow! I feel so loved ;)