Friday, September 22, 2006

Old Hat

Well, if a baby hat can be old! I made this hat for my friend's little girl. I used a generic hat pattern and added rabbit fur! I did it like a thrummed mitten except I did it in a slight spiral pattern. It reminded me of ferns unfurling in spring!

I used sport weight Gems Opal pure merino and German angora rabbit fur (so very soft!) with a soft rolled brim and simple decreases this hat was easy and fun to make!

I can be a bit of a neat nick at times and today was one of those times! I went through my yarn stash and found all my remainders from old projects and separated them by weight. I put them all in zip-lock bags. Then when I was reading the Yarn Harlet's blog I saw this picture. I love this blanket! So I decided that I will make one using the left over yarn from all the socks I make. I have small feet so I don't quite use all the yarn in most balls for my socks and my boyfriend's feet are so big that I need two balls but don't use all of them for his socks either so this is perfect! I am so excited to have found a way to use up all my loose ends!

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