Saturday, February 16, 2008

All Knitting and No Spinning.......

After I went to the spinning tea I was on a roll. I finished spinning the Rose Wensleydale roving into singles and then I Andean plyed it. I ended up with this lovely two ply that is about DK weight. It turned out quite nice and I already have some ideas what I want to knit with it!

Since then I have been concentrating on the Pulse cotton sweater that has been on my needles for almost two years!!! I hate knitting this. I don't quite know what I dislike so much but it has been sitting in my knitting basket taunting me for way too long. last night I finished the front. that only leaves the sleeves and the finishing! A big mile stone reached!

I imideatly cast on for the sleeves, two at the same time, so as not to lose my momentum. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As the crusade of the cotton sweater continues, My pretty little fiber basket calls from the corner.

I am itching to start spinning up some of this roving for socks but I will just have to wait until I finish some of my WIP's. My knitting time has been taken over by moving and now a job. Pesky little things, jobs. They do tend to cut into the knitting time.

Look what I found in my fiber basket when I went to take a picture this morning!

See that? A tasty little treat. No, not the spindle, the licorice!

My Gummibaer has been leaving little treats for me to find all over the house.

He hid one with my morning tea and one in my knitting. I never know when I will come across a little treat hidden just for me!

Isn't he a sweetie!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spinning Tea and Fiber Swap!

I went to the third annual Spinner's tea and Yankee fiber swap hosted by Alexandra from Black Ram Farm and Barbara from The Wool Shed, great ladies!
The spinner's tea is held at the capital city grange hall in Montpelier every year, there are no vendors there, just people getting together to spin and have a good time. This year the event also benefited the Vermont Food Shelf!
This was my first time attending and I had a great time! I got to meet a lot of nice spinners and I even got some pointers for using my drop spindle. I had some really pretty roving from a friend at knit night so I spun up some of that.
Everyone brought some fiber to swap and snacks to share, Yum!
I think there where about 45 people there with their wheels and spindles.
We had spinners who had been spinning for 50 years and spinners who were spinning for the first time!

I ended up with some fun yellow roving from the swap. I don't know what the fiber is but it feels nice and soft.

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I was too busy spinning to get any good ones!