Saturday, April 12, 2008

Almost an FO and New Boku!

I am almost done with the never ending Pulse cotton sweater. I Just have seaming and the neck to finish, Yay! I am not going to post any more pictures of it here until the recipient models it for me, after all a little suspense won't hurt anyone!
I must confess, Ravelry has been my downfall. I saw an afghan on Ravelry a couple of months ago and I couldn't get it out of my mind. When the yarn went on sale, it was the last straw.
I bought 20 balls of Plymouth Boku color 10 and I cast on for an afghan! An afghan, I tell you, what am I thinking?!?? Will it ever get done? What about all my other wips and stash projects patiently waiting to be cast on? All forsaken in my project boredom and Ravelry induced afghan lust.
I am making the Plymouth pattern # 1063, mitered square afghan in Boku. I am loving it. I cast on and the next thing I knew I had 13 squares done.

I am making a bigger afghan than the pattern suggests I am just adding some squares so that it ends up a square in stead of a rectangle, 9x9 instead of 7x9. That gives me 81 squares so if I knit at least one a day I will be done in less than 3 months. Plenty of time before it gets cold again. It might even be quick and easy enough that I get some hats and mittens done before the snow flies again! ( I mean NEXT winter, not the crazy spring we have been having!)


amy said...

That is gorgeous!

Victoria Bennett said...

Hi, your afghan in progress is beautiful!!

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