Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!
I had a good time this year. I spent the day quietly. I went for a walk in the morning sunshine and then I made a lovely coffee cake for brunch to go with my orange juice and pineapple.

I spent the afternoon dying eggs and playing with color!
I never pass up the chance to play with dyes and this year I experimented with tape.

I enjoyed my play time and now I have plenty of eggs for my traditional curried eggs on toast! Yum!


~Will said...

Pretty Eggs K. Nice light in your photo. Nothing like light through a window covered in a white curtain falling on the wood floor.

Mary said...

Your eggs look great!! The yarn in the background looks great too!!
The ladies here in Jonesboro are having a Fiber night every Thursday now at Barnes and Noble. We have included Knitters Crocheters and Spinners. Thought I would let you know our goings on.