Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spinning for Socks

I am really enjoying my Spinning! I am currently working on 4oz of superwash merino with some nylon in it, I purchased it on Etsy from mysmallwonders's. I am trying to spin it as fine as I can. I am planing to Navajo ply it. My goal is a three ply sock yarn.Whatever I end up with I will knit into toe up socks for myself. I have small feet so I should have enough even if it is a little thicker than I am hoping for. I am going to Navajo ply to keep the colors together. I am not a fan of barber poling and I think I will end up with stripes. I am amazed by how much yardage I am getting, I have spun less than 1/4 of it so far. I am happy with my first singles! This is fun!


Victoria Bennett said...

Hey, your spinning looks really good. Love the colours. Looking forward to seeing your socks.

Elemmaciltur said...

Whoa, and you're spinning it on a spindle?