Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Farm Walk and Playing with Light.

I am back in Vermont safe and sound! I am staying on my Mom's farm while I find a job and a place to live.

My twin brother came over last weekend so we all went for a walk.

Look who came with us!

It was fun to see the differences on the farm since the summer.

The cabin I stayed in over the summer, too cold now for that.

The Raspberries that where so fruitful in July,

the guest cabin closed down for the winter.

the weather was beautiful if a bit chilly!

These guys arrived as babies in the early summer.

This is a special heritage breed, Bourbon red, that mom raised for some of her CSA families this year

They are smaller than the bronze turkeys that she has every year and they take longer to grow. It will be interesting to see what the difference in taste is on Thanksgiving!

My brother is a photographer so he gave us a camera lesson.

Mom has a new camera, her first digital, and I just have a lot to learn about taking pictures! Here we are heading into the woods to play with the light and water.

I try to get some fuzzy water and clear ferns.

Shooting Light and Shadow together.

Out of the woods into the light.

Looking up at an old tree.

All in all a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon!

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