Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vermont Before the Snow

I went for a walk a few days ago and took some pictures of the views from the farm before the first snow and after the leaves.

The fields put to bed for the winter.

A tree and a fallen log in the fence row.

Looking up the hill, across the pasture, towards the ridge.
The path by the old stone wall where the sheep barn was in years past.

The new pond site.
Madison, the cat enjoying the view.
Looking across the valley to the quarry where the whitest granite in the world is found.
This is November in Vermont.
In knitting news, I got my mom knitting again. She has not knit in my lifetime but there is evidence that she has in the past. I gave her a dishcloth and she liked it so much that she decided to make a bunch for herself. We got her some cotton, she borrowed my needles and after a small refresher course from me she was off and running! She is on her third dishcloth now and shows not signs of stopping. It has been fun to sit and knit with her in the evenings.
I have had a case of Knitter's ADD recently. I am sort of working on several projects but can't seem to get into any of them. The lure of a new project keeps distracting me.

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