Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last day in Germany

Today is my last day in Germany. I am flying back to the states tomorrow. I am sad to be leaving mein Gummibaer behind, he will be staying until the beginning of January and I will miss him terribly. I have enjoyed my stay here. I had hoped to find a job and learn about the pastry of Germany but that did not happen. Instead I spent a lot of time knitting! I stayed home while Gummibaer worked. I have always worked and I am not good at being idle so this was a hard adjustment. I found it to be very isolating especially in Germany because my German is very skimpy and people here are not very outgoing or patient with bad German. Gummibaer is almost fluent in German and he found at work that everyone was very nice and helpful, I think it has to do with the fact that he met them through work. It seems that Germans are more comfortable getting to know new people in work or school environments. By far the best part of being in Germany was getting to travel. On the weekends we went to see Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, Heidelberg and many other places. I learned a lot of German history and saw many beautiful things.

Yesterday we went on one last walk while the weather was nice.
The weather here tends to be gray all the time but we managed to find some sun!
This is the bus stop at CentrO the biggest mall in Germany.
I love fall weather and I had fun looking at leaves that I don't see at home.
by the time we where on our way home it was gray again. We stopped to explore some old machinery at the Industrial Museum of the Rhineland.
Wish me luck in my travels tomorrow!
I am going through at least one airport that does not allow any knitting needles so I will not be able to knit at all until I land in Boston and get my bags back. I am not a happy camper, but I wouldn't want anyone to be terrorized by my sock knitting so I'll read a book. I have been saving Emma by Jane Austin for this trip!


Victoria Bennett said...

I hope you have a very safe journey home and are allowed to knit on your flight. I had a long journey to Hong Kong last year and wasn't allowed to knit!

Elemmaciltur said...

Aww...you're leaving already? Oh well, take care and have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your posts about Germany. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe and comfortable trip.