Monday, October 15, 2007

Oktoberfest and a whirlwind tour of Munich

Last weekend at the last minute we rented a car and headed to Munich for Oktoberfest.

We arrived Friday afternoon and strolled around the wies'n. There where lots and lots of people!
We rode the roller coasters and ate some really yummy roasted nuts.

I even got to see horses!!

We finally found a spot in one of the beer tents and had dinner. The roast chicken was to die for and of course the bratwurst was spectacular!

And did I mention the beer??

The people were all really friendly and there were no crazy drunks fighting or otherwise making a nuisance of themselves. I am not at all a party person and I really had fun!

We shared our table with a great bunch of Germans mostly from Munich, I think Friday was more of an in-town day. When we went back Saturday it was a lot more crowded and there didn’t seem to be as many locals.

On Saturday as the hordes pored into the wies'n for the festival, we took the opportunity to see Munich.

We had a lovely time touring St. Paul's Church.

Gummibaer is an architecture buff so this was a highlight.

Then we walked through the center of the city and explored the market.

After all that walking we took a break on a bench in a garden.

The weather was perfact and there was even some sock knitting!

We really enjoyed Munich and hope to go back someday.


Elemmaciltur said...

Oh, you were here during the last Wiesn weekend...I thought you were here this just weeekend. :-)

Nice to see some knitting going on at Gärtnerplatz. ;-) (That's right at the heart of the gay suburb of the city).

As for you question regarding the drop spindle....if you're on Ravelry, try and join the spindler group and look for advice there. As for me, I would advice you go for a medium weight spindle (about 100 g). You should get one that's light, so that you won't keep breaking your singles...however, don't get one so light because you'll be frustrated that it doesn't spin that long and has to keep spinning the whole time. A heavier spindle will spin longer, but unless you're trying to spin a thicker single, your singles will break easily once you start using it as a "drop" spindle.

so said...

i love that you are in germany now. my brother [vermonter] just returned from a month long trip there. he even got to go to munich, also loved it. anyway, just wanted to say hello and that i love the progress you have made regarding sock knitting. my first [so far only] pair look very much like your first pair, i like to call them rustic. hee.

amanda/makey from vt

Theresa said...

Looks like a blast! Got your package today - thanks!