Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ravelry, I'm in!!!

Yeah! I got my Ravelry invite today. I have been stalking the Ravelry page checking and re-checking my invite status for the last few days, so much for patiently waiting ;) If you are on look me up, I'm "BlueMoonTurtle" check it out. I don't have any pictures up yet because most of my stash is back in the states and my computer with all my pictures is not on line here in Germany. (I have been using Gummibaer's)

My knitting has been coming along nicely in the last few days. I have been working on my dreaded UFO the pulse sweater. I have also been working on my vine lace stockings and my jaywalkers, I'm working the heels on them!! I'll have pictures when things show some noticeable changes.


Mary said...


I never heard of them. Can someone that doesn't belong to it see your page there?

Anonymous said...

yay! Your on ravelry. I didn't know your b-day is the day after mine!