Friday, October 12, 2007

Saturday Morning in Munich

(picture heavy)

Let’s go for a stroll through the market!

How about some Meat

and vegetables.

for dinner with the family.


And Cheese

Go with Fruit

And Nuts

For a Picnic with your lover.

Meet an old friend for some Tea

in a kitchen

with plants on the window sill.

Treat yourself

to some flowers.

Food always speaks to me and when it is as fresh and colorful as this the story it tells is like a picture in my mind of the perfect day.


Elemmaciltur said...

You were in Munich today? I could have given you a tour....

...although not really, I was in Vaterstetten...but then you could've come with us and shop for yarn. ;-)

Susan said...

I really really miss the fresh produce markets in Germany. And all of the breads! Thanks for the tour!

Mary said...

Wow! what a great market. Wished we had those here. I even saw Chestnuts in one of the pictures!

Anonymous said...

lovely!!! I really love the pics. The food looks so good and yummy. I wish I was there, although then I might spend to much money. love ya