Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wow, I've been busy!

Lets see, what have I been up to since my last post?
In a nut shell, a long car trip, seeing the Yarn Harlot, visiting Webs, seeing my family, a family emergency, a surprise trip to Boston and a visit with a good friend, working on the farm in the dirt and baking lots of cookies. whew, it's been crazy!

Out of the nut shell,
Li'l M and I had a fine trip up from Arkansas, relatively uneventful. Gas prices are no fun but we got to stop and see Stephanie and visit Webs so that made up for it. Stephanie was awesome! We laughed a lot! At Webs we both went a little crazy over the yarn, I got a bunch of sock yarn and some lace weight to make a shawl for me, finally. M got some yarn to make her first hat and some sock yarn. she wants to learn how to make socks next! Check out M with her first yarn! She walked into the spinning section at Webs and said (pointing to a wheel) "what's this?" the next thing I know an enabler of the finest sort has got a hold of her and is teaching her to spin! It was great! I even got my first drop spindle lesson from the lovely Marcy. Sometime during the evening I fell completely under the spell of bamboo, I loved every yarn that had bamboo in it and I almost couldn't resist the pull of the bamboo top in the spinning fiber section, so soft, so shiny, so, so irresistible! I must get a spindle and learn to spin so I can make my very own delicious bamboo yarn!

The day after returning home my younger brother had an accident and had to be flown to Boston to the hospital there. I, of course, rushed down there to be with him and bring him home when he was released. It was lucky that I was home because there is no one else in the family in a position to drop everything and go to Boston. He was released after only two days instead of the three or four we had first thought. He should be all better in a few weeks, thank goodness! The up side is that I had a chance to visit my good friend who lives in Boston and meet her new baby! What a sweetie!

After all the excitement I finally got to settle in on the farm. The weather has been very good so far this year so the fields and gardens are looking good. It is a joy to be doing simple, meaningful labor in such a beautiful place. In addition to helping in the fields I will be doing most of the baking over the summer, which I enjoy.

I am expecting my new camera to come in the mail any day and I hope to post pictures and blog about farm life while I"m here!

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Criquette said...

Glad you're back to blogging and that you had a safe trip. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures on the farm!