Saturday, June 23, 2007

New toy, New friend, and Pie!

Wow it has been too long since I posted! Things have been crazy here. Planting season on the farm and the first wedding in the family is fast approaching. I am in making the wedding cake for my sister's wedding in August so I have recipes to perfect and chocolate to source. Everyone has a part in the wedding so we are all going a little crazy. Planting is busy as always on a farm. Hopefully we will be finished buy the middle of next week.

This week we made pies for the farmer's market. Mom used to make them twenty years ago and People didn't want to pay for them because they could make their own, but now few people make their own pies and a true home made one is hard to find. Flavor of the week: Strawberry Rhubarb! a Vermont classic.

I have a new friend!

He was happy to be the subject for the first shot with my new camera! He and his two sisters will be looking for new homes soon. What a cutie!
I am enjoying learning to use a digital camera, I was worried at first that nothing was coming out nice because I was looking at them just on the LCD screen, but when I put them on the computer they are not too bad. I hope to get a lot more practice.


Mary said...

Your pie looks great!!
We sure are missing you here in Arkansas, especially on Knit night.
Have a great day!!

Theresa said...

That pie loks good enough to eat! (OK, bad joke :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cat, what sex is it? Whats the name? I love you my little potato!