Monday, May 28, 2007

Road Trip!

All week I have been tying up loose ends and packing my car, getting ready for my move. How is it possible that even though I haven't bought anything to speak of, It still takes twice as much space in my car?? One of life's great mysteries!

I had been planing to drive by myself to Vermont, but it turns out that Gummibaer's Little Sister, M, wants to come to the farm for a few weeks! Yay! So now I have company on the drive. It will take two days and cover about 1400 miles. We plan to camp in Pennsylvania overnight.

The most exciting part? We get to see the Yarn Harlot!!!!
Ms Stephanie will be at Webs in Northampton Massachusetts just as we are going through! Perfect timing.
Lil'M is a brand new knitter working on her first scarf, so I can't wait for her to see Stephanie and get to shop in a real yarn store! So far she has only been working with cheap acrylic. Not my choice but, all she could get in her town. I think some nice, soft, forgiving wool will be just the ticket for her first hat!

I think I will finally be able to get a camera when I get to Vermont and I hope to take lots of pictures of farm life for you guys over the summer!


Anonymous said...


Hey baby! I love you! Enjoy your book and the book signing!! I will miss you in Germany! *kiss*

Theresa said...

That is perfect timing! Have a great trip!

Mary said...


I wanted to comment on your neat book but there is no comment link there. The suits look great and beautiful on the cover!!

We will miss you this Summer at Knit Night.