Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yarn Crawl!

Over the spring break holiday I was lucky enough to get a little traveling in. We went on a short road trip around northern Arkansas. I felt that since I have lived in Arkansas for over a year and had really only seen two towns and the road in between them that I should take to time to really see it before I leave in a few months. We packed up my awesome blue VW beetle "Shela" and headed out! First stop was Mein Gummibaer's parents house in Mountain Home, then on to Fayetteville. I was surprised at how much Fayetteville reminded me of towns back east. Two story houses, slightly up-scale main street, an old collage green and lots of good places to eat and shop and a yarn store!! Hand Held knitting Gallery is in an old house on a shady side street. It has a chair on the porch and beautiful stained glass windows. Inside it is even more gorgeous! You step in and are greeted by a large display of delicious Koigu as well as the friendly voice of the owner. As you look around you find little treasures every where. This Claudia's hand painted in Ingrid's blues colorway jumped into my arms and insisted on leaving with me and I saw some Wagtail mohair that had the most beautiful shine I have ever seen, it begged and pleaded to be made into a lace shawl but I resisted because my credit card was smoking and I was afraid it would spontaneously burst into flame! I did get some Koigu for birthday socks for MG and I made a mental note to get some Blue Sky Cotton soon. It was so lovely and soft I could hardly believe I had not fallen in love with cotton yarn before. After a nice lunch in Fayetteville we were off to mt magazine to camp. Despite the dire weather predictions, we enjoyed our stay atop the "Island in the sky" and spent two lazy days in the sun and fresh air. Then we headed home but not before stopping in Conway at Bella Lana knitting for a nice chat with the ladies who sat knitting on the comfy couches and an amazing sale on tons of things in the store! I scored some Mission falls 1824 wool at 40% off! I have had some projects in mind for it but I hadn't had the chance to pick it up. I just couldn't resist when I saw it on sale! Over all a lovely trip, it was really nice to get away and spend some quality down time with MG. Not to mention getting my yarn fix!

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