Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crazy Socks! New projects.

My Crazy Green Socks
Two at a time on two circular needles, toe up
Invisible cast on short row toes
Short row heels
Picot hemmed cuff
Practically perfect in every way!
Next: What to cast on?
as per my knitting rules I have to have something for me on the needles and socks on the needles at all times. My crazy socks had been filling both those roles. So now I have not one but two openings. Added to this is the fact that I am currently trying to knit my stash. I don't have a big stash, most of my stash is projects waiting to get on the needles. I keep thinking of new things I want to knit but I have to get through the projects I have yarn for first. (that's why I want to knit my stash so I can think of something and knit it right away while I am really excited about it) I have been doing pretty well with only a few exceptions. I make exceptions for things that only happen once like babies and weddings and stuff. Socks for me are out because the only sock yarn I have for me is for my fair isle socks and I don't want something that complicated because I already have a lace shawl in progress. So the socks have to be for someone else. That leaves something for me.
The projects in stash for me are:
  • My stripes pullover (top down raglan my design)
  • Lace leaf pullover (the oldest thing in my stash)
  • Fair Isle Socks
  • Some odd balls with out a project in mind.
I guess it is pretty clear what I have to knit next, the lace leaf pullover.
I am a little worried about this pattern. I am a left handed knitter. I knit across the rows backwards and I knit through the back loops. Normally this is not a problem, my knitting comes out great and all is well. However this pattern has several tricky spots and the bottom and top are grafted together! But it is in bulky! (I am using lambs pride bulky in kiwi) Wish me luck!
In other news,
I am going on a road trip for spring break! I am going to have the chance to visit yarn stores! Yay! I have two stores on my list that are not too far out of the way. They are both in northern Arkansas. Hand held in Fayetteville and Bella Lana in Conway. I have decided to allow myself to buy some Rowan Calmer for some hats I have planned and hand dyed sock yarn because I have been sadly deprived of it for so long. Woo Hoo! Road trip!

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