Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Surprising Discovery.

Gummibaer sniffs yarn! The other day as I was knitting away on the Shetland triangle, I happened to hand MG a ball of yarn. I kept knitting and out of the corner of my eye I caught it!
He sniffed the yarn!
Did you just sniff that yarn? I asked,
Uh yeah I guess so, was the reply.
Why? Does it smell funny?
No, I like how it smells.
It reminds me of my Grandmother,
She used to knit you know.
She did??!
Yeah, I used to sit by her chair and smell her yarn when I was really little.
You did?

Well you learn something new every day!
I guess that is why he never thought it was weired that I knit. When I first tolled him I knit he seemed slightly pleased but then never really showed an interest in it. That always seemed a little strange to me and now I guess I know the reason, he has a secret knitting history!

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