Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project update #1

First off, I am sorry that I don't have any of my own pictures! Please bare with me until I get a camera.

So my projects,
lets start with the Top Knot Tie Cardigan from iknitiative. (scroll down)

I started this over Christmas because I don't have the needles I need for my lace leaf pullover. I had been waiting until it was warmer for this because it is very light and only intended to keep off the chill of summer air conditioning.
I am loving this project! I am using Kid Seta yarn 70% mohair and 30% silk in a light spring green #725, Yummy! I found some awesome beads that match but have several shades of green in them. I am using #10 bamboo circulars, one size up from the pattern for gauge. I usually need to go up a size because I knit a little tight. I have finished the front, back, and one sleeve. This has gone much faster than I thought it would! I am very excited to finish this. It is airy, and fuzzy and I think it will fit just right!

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