Monday, February 19, 2007

Sock Kick

I finished the Topknot tie about two weeks ago and since then I have been crazy creative in the little knitting time I get on weekends. I whipped up an original hat for a co-worker's birthday, I made another baby hat and started the matching socks both without patterns and this weekend I finally designed a pair of fair isle knee socks for the Rowan 4 ply that has been waiting in my stash for almost a year. I am almost done with my crazy green socks so maybe next weekend I will cast on for my knee socks. I imagine that they will be on the needles for quite a while! Amid all my swatching I some how ended up with a diaper cover on the needles!!? I guess I'm really getting into this baby stuff for my friend Tiffany.
In other news, I just received some lovely lace weight Zephyr in ruby from fiddlesticks. Yummy! They sent me the coolest little lace project kit as a gift! A tiny lace pouch for potpourri. The little bag has a bit of yarn and every thing else you need all wrapped up with a bow! I feel so loved ;)

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