Tuesday, January 23, 2007


How do you feel about rules? I don't mean the ones that others make for you or the ones that you can't get around, I'm all for bending or breaking those. I mean the ones you make for yourself. Maybe it is a resolution or maybe you follow it for your sanity or even for your morality. I like rules but not because they keep me in line, but because they allow me to relax. Sounds strange right? I make rules for myself that are purposely loose. My rules require me to relax and loosen up! And sometimes they allow me to stick to something because they are loose. for example, when I was younger I wanted to keep a diary, But I kept forgetting to write in it. Sometimes I just didn't have anything to say. I felt so bad about messing it up by not writing in it everyday that I didn't write in it at all! So I made rules.
#1 you can only write in it when you want to.
#2 you can use any format you want.
Just for fun, #3 you get to use any color pen you want.
Just so they still felt like rules #4 you have to write the date.
Last, #5 no spelling or grammar police! no-one but you will read it so don't feel bad if you misspell anything just get you thoughts down!

My rules help me relax and help me feel good about doing something right. I don't feel bad and maybe I can even enjoy my own little quirks.

Yes this dose somehow relate to knitting!

I made up some rules for my knitting to keep me from stressing out or forgetting to have fun:
#1 I have to have socks on the needles at all times, I love knitting socks!
#2 I have to have something for me on the needles at all times, I tend to knit for others all the time and put off the things I want to make for myself, I deserve it!
#3 I can not have more than 3-5 things on the needles at anyone time, if I want to start something, finish something.
#4 Do not knit for a dead line! They will still like it next year or for their birthday.
#5 Do not knit something you hate, dislike is OK, some people like pink!
#6 Do not buy yarn that you do not have a plan for, it is not in the budget.
#7 Go through your stash regularly and think up ways to use your leftovers, keep rotating so you always have something new and old boring things don't take over.

Wow, I hadn't realized my list was that long! I really am a control freak!

Do you have rules? Why? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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Fiberjoy said...

KC, I got a kick out of reading your list of rules. What a difference between rules when you were young and now.

Now you've got me thinking. Hmm, not sure I've ever consciously thought about laying out rules other than short term ones which are almost always broken. Such as today: No coffee or computer until I've walked. HA! Here I sit, warm coffee at hand, waiting for the ice to melt off the roads.

I do like your common sense knitting rules - all of them!