Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSA Dinner

I'm Still here!!
I have not had much exciting knitting recently, mostly just slow steady progress on the same projects. Knit Night over the summer has been fun. We are taking turns hosting and it has been great to see friends houses, I even got to host a couple of times and that was really nice.
I have been excited by food! We are getting a CSA basket this summer for the first time and it is a fun challenge to come up with new ways to eat all the veggies.
Here is one night's dinner:Start with the veggies. Swiss Chard, Green Onions and Fresh English Peas. Add some supporting actors: Hand made pasta, chicken, lemon, butter, fresh ground black pepper and a dash of white balsamic vinegar. Start with the stems and onions,
Add the tops and the vinegar, meanwhile, toss some peas in the pasta water just as the pasta is al dante, drain and add butter...yum..
time it just right with the chicken that Gummibaer has grilled with lemon and pepper, and.....

Guten Appetit!


amy said...

Yum! That looks fantastic!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You must have one real lucky guy at home!

pinkelstar.com said...

Yummy! What a fantastic mouthwatering dish! It looks not just tasty but also healthy. Great photo!