Monday, May 12, 2008

Boku has reached the 1/2 point!

My life has been quite busy of late, I have spent some time helping out a friend and Gummibaer has been away for a while. He is back now which makes me happy and I did get a bunch of knitting done in the last few weeks.

Here is an almost up to date picture of the Boku, almost half way! It has reached the 1/2 way point after this picture was taken.

I am really enjoying this knit. I think the finished object will get a lot of use.

I have been a little distracted now that Boku is half done.

Some lovely Noro jumped into my hands at the last Knitting studio sale. I think it wants to be a hat and mittens for me. I have tried some patterns but I don't think I have found the right one yet.

I am also suddenly in a hurry to finish my Birch lace shawl, the lovely green leafy-ness is just perfect for spring in VT!


Victoria Bennett said...

You're Afghan is going to be so beautiful. Are mitered squares difficult? The varigated yarn is working really well in this project.

Looking forward to seeing your birch. I've been wearing my thicker yarn version lots.

Victoria said...

Yeah! I am sure that it will be a lovely thing! A color combination is perfect it would be good to any cloth.