Thursday, October 04, 2007

Knitting mojo, MIA.

My attention span for knitting seems to be getting shorter. I must be bored of my projects. I have some things to cast on but I don't seem to do that either. I think about knitting all the time but I never actually do it! I get excited about things I see on blogs and I plan and scheme about the yarn in my stash back in the states but when I sit down to knit I get distracted in just a few minutes. Where is my mojo??!!

I have made a little slow progress on my socks.
The Pomatomus are almost done.
Maybe I'll find my mojo when I have an FO.
The Jaywalker stripes are making me happy.

I think I am going to do a short row heel on this. I love toe up because I can use up the yarn and I prefer the construction of toe up. I have tried the heel flap heel several times and I just don't really like making it, so we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Your Pomatomus socks look fantastic, and I'm totally impressed by your stripey Jaywalkers too - they look awesome in these different colors and I love how they - the colors! - go along together! Great work!

Mary said...

Your socks do look great! I like doing toe up ones the best too. I tried it top down and I really don't like the casting on and how floppy it feels.

Victoria Bennett said...

I love your socks - especially the Pomatomus ones. I really want to give those a try. Beautiful knitting!

Victoria Bennett said...


I've seen the gloves made with the pomatomus pattern as well, they are so beautiful. I have yarn to make some with as I love fingerless gloves. I wear them all the time during the autumn and spring. They are good in my well air conditioned (!!) office for typing and are especially good with three quarter length sleaves for keeping the gap warm. I love them!

I am starting to get better now. I was really worrying for a while as I lost my voice, but am getting there now.

Victoria xx