Sunday, October 15, 2006

Victorian Shawl complete

I finished the shawl! It was my first "real" lace project and I enjoyed it. I have made a scarf in feather and fan before but I don't count that as lace. The shawl is aran weight and has three different lace stitches so I think it was a great first shawl. I used the yarn called for in antique blue. It was very reasonably priced and I liked the hand of it. I liked knitting lace but I don't think I would wear a shawl. I can't think of who I know that would like a shawl so I don't know if I will be knitting any more anytime soon. Although, I seem to be hearing lace weight call my name. Maybe I would wear lace that is more delicate??

This was also my first experience with blocking! I was a little worried, it all seemed so mysterious until I did it and it came out great on the first try. Thanks in large part to the lovely Wendy who often talks about blocking on her blog. It actuality was not difficult and quite fun.

By the way, I did take some pictures, but unfortunately I don't have a digital camera so I will have to wait until I develop the film to show you what it looks like. Sorry!

I have finished two things in the last little while and this actually has created a small problem. I want to start some new things, but I can't! I can't spare the cash to buy any un-essential items right now and the sweater (Lace Leaf Pullover) I want to make needs new needles and the little sweaters for Christmas need yarn and so do the thigh highs for Soctoberfest. So, I am knitting away on what's on my needles (see side bar) and hoping I can come up with a new project soon that doesn't require any new supplies! Yeah, sure I'm going to come up with creative stash projects, who am I kidding? I'll just not eat for a few weeks and get yarn! I don't need food, right!? ;-)

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