Friday, January 25, 2008

The Perfect Knitting Bag

Here it is!
My very own custom made knitting bag!
Isn't she beautiful??
I think it was Wendy (I could be wrong) who posted about a bag she had bought on Etsy. When I saw it I knew it was just the kind of bag I had been looking for. I am very picky about my bags/purses. I really only have one at a time and in general I only carry it because I have to, I can't put a phone in my pocket most of the time and if I put my plastic cards in my pocket they come out bent. So, I have to carry something. Small is good, tiny is better. Then comes knitting, I need my knitting with me almost all the time but I don't want to carry a big bag or a bag that looks like a crazy, crafty, bag lady would carry it. I wonted something kind of young, kind of classy but that would still go with my every day jeans.
Oh yes, and did I mention totally unique and me!??
Moriah, from Moriah Ice Designs * pulled it off!
The perfect bag for me.
When you go to her site you get to pick your own fabric. She has several basic bag sizes and shapes you can choose from and then the fun begins as you pick your options!

I picked inside pockets, for my phone and keys and all the little things so I won't have to dig around in the bottom for them, a zippered pocket for the things I want to keep hidden, A zippered pouch for my knitting notions or that can hold my money, keys and phone if I only need the essentials and just want to carry a small clutch, A matching wallet/change purse that will fit in a pocket, and of course all the bells and whistles on the bag it self. I have magnetic closers (perfect for knitting bags), reinforced body and flat bottom so it will stand up and open, scotch guard to keep it looking great, and handles that fit over my shoulder for easy carrying.

It is the perfect size to hold socks in progress (I make two at a time so I have two balls of yarn) or any small project.
I highly recommend Moriah's bags. I will be carrying mine every day and I can't wait to show it off to my knitting friends!
*No affiliation, I just love my bag!


Elizzabetty said...

What a gorgeous bag! Enjoy!!!

Mary said...

Hi!! Your bag looks great!!
What is your new job? It is also great to hear that you got into your new apartment!