Monday, September 03, 2007

More socks

My SOS sock collection is slowly growing. I am working on Vine lace stockings, Pomatomus and Jaywalkers. I have more I want to cast on but for now I am resisting. I had a little problem with the Pomatomus, all I can say is, trust Cookie! She has forgotten more about socks than I'll ever know. The Jaywalkers where coming along well until I tried them on. They where too small and so had to be frogged. The good news is that now I am comfortable with the patten and so decided to tackle toe up! I prefer toe up pattens because you can use up all your yarn. I don't like having leftovers laying around.
The vine lace is coming along well. I am happy with my modifications so far and I am loving this yarn!

My picture is not showing the beautiful way the color changes shade just a little.

(If you notice my fun stitch makers, I got them at Zero and I love them!)

I have been thinking about needles recently. I do all my socks on two circulars needles for one reason and one reason only, two at a time! However, I've been missing my DPNs lately. Doing patten stitches on circular needles two at a time can be very frustrating because if you need to move stitches from one needle to another you have to plan way ahead and use stitch holders, grrr. With DPNs everything is neat and easy. I also am getting frustrated with my long needles. I got them because when I make socks for Gummibaer I need them because his feet are huge, but most of the time they just get in the way. I just wish I could do two at a time on DPNs. I know some of you just cast on both socks at the same time and knit on one for a while and then pick up the other and keep them even but I would not be good at that, I would get excited and zoom along on one without the other and forget all the little adjustments I made before I got to the second one! I have even heard that some people do one inside the other! I can imagine doing that on plain stockinette but not on anything else! Any other Ideas??? Or should I just stick with my circs and get over it?

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Elemmaciltur said...

Actually, there's a way to knit your socks 2 at a time on one set of DPNs. I tried this with a pair of mittens already and it worked...however, there's a danger that by the end you might not be able to separate the socks from each other because you crossed the stitches somewhere and didn't find out about it soon enough.

Anyhow, if you want to try the technique, go for it: HERE.