Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Austrian Friends and German Beer

This past weekend we had a friend form Austria come and stay with us! What better excuse to go out for some German beer and food?
We went to a beer garden in Duisburg to enjoy the fine weather and soak up the atmosphere.
Gummibaer is a beer aficionado so he took us to a place that has almost 200 types of beer, mostly from Germany. Of course we had to try a few!
We even found some beer I liked!

Yummm...... Raspberry Lambic.

The food was good too!

I had Gnocchi with mushrooms and cheese sauce.

The only difficulty was keeping Gummibaer from eating it all before I could!

Three hours later we finished our beers and headed home by train, bus and foot. Public transportation is very good in Germany. You don't need a DD as long as everyone can walk!
Enjoying life in Germany

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Victoria Bennett said...

Hey, all the beers sound great.

I've never been to Germany, how is it for yarn shopping? I went on holiday to Norway this year and found a lovely yarn shop. I bought some red yarn and a shawl pattern, but being written in Norwegian I am struggling to understand it! I work in higher education admin, so I might ask one of our lecturers who is from Norway for some help - don't know if he speaks knit speak though!

Have you been traveling in other parts of Europe since you've been in Germany?