Friday, August 17, 2007

Sock update!

Hi Everyone!
I have been in Germany for a week or so now and I'm loving it!
Unfortunately, the Internet here is on and off, mostly off so I am behind on my knitting updates. I have been doing a lot of Knitting. I have started lots of socks for SOS.
Left to right: Vine lace Stockings in Fearless Fibers, Pomatomus in Socks that rock, and Opal, thinking about becoming Jaywalkers.
I finished the top band and put in the elastics for the vine lace stockings on the plane over here before my knitting needles where all taken away from me in the Dublin airport! Beware, when flying through Dublin, NO knitting needles, they are very dangerous weapons! ;)
I joke now, but at the time I was not a happy camper. Thank goodness I was able to check an extra bag and thus save my options set from doom!
I also had a sock nightmare this week.
Remember these?? My smoke ring socks started in April. I finally had a chance to turn the heel and guess what! I ran out of yarn. I know, I should have known. Koigu skeins are known to be on the small side and Gummibaer's feet are huge, but I thought I would be OK because he likes his socks ankle length. I was wrong, I don't even have enough yarn to finish the heel flap
I guess the only thing to do now is pray to the knitting Gods for forgiveness and some more Koigu in the same colorway. I don't have the ball bands here in Germany so I don't know the colorway number. So the socks are in the back and bottom of my knitting basket hiding from my wrath until such time as they can be dealt with.

In other news, I found a yarn store here in Germany! Stay tuned.

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