Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Trees and First CSA

Here are my luxurious summer accommodations!
We call this cabin Water Music because you can hear the brook that runs behind it. I planted a garden out front and there is a beautifully scented rose bush by the step. Later in the summer there will be morning glories climbing the strings by the porch. It just doesn't get any better than this!
Look closely at this picture and you will see the most exciting thing that we did over the weekend, planted trees!! Mom and I planted three sugar maple trees in front of Water Music, next to the raspberries. I love planting trees!
Here it is folks!
The first CSA of the season. My mom has been growing veggies for CSA for 16 years. I remember helping her when I was a kid, it is fun distribute the harvest into members' crates knowing that by the end of the day the fruits of your labor will be feeding a local family. Receiving a CSA share once a week is like getting a present, you never know just what you will get and it is exciting to see what you can make with all those fresh veggies! Yum! Mom likes to include recipes and info about the farm in a note that comes with the share.


makey said...

love your little cabin. i never knew there was such a cool place right here in vt. love reading about your visit to your mom's farm. thank you!

Victoria Bennett said...


I did a google search to find bloggers who had made the shedir hat from I have a quick question: when following the chart do you just knit all the rows from right to left as its knit in the round? Or do you follow the chart in the usual way with even WS rows knit left to right? This is just my second chart pattern and I'm a bit confused! Thank you very much.

Love your blog!