Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ahead of schedule!?

Free pattern on Knitty
#4 Bamboo needles

As you may have guessed by it not being green, this is a gift. A gift that is finished 2 months early!

I enjoyed this quick project. It did, as the pattern said, take only one ball of Calmer, and the cableing definitely kept me on my toes!
If I where making it for a man's head I would add an extra repeat of the first cable section for which you would most likely need another ball of yarn. It would fit almost anyone width wise and it looks best when stretched. This is one pattern where I think it is best to use the yarn called for, It is very soft and stretchy. I recommend Shedir to anyone who needs a hat and doesn't want the knitter or the recipient to be bored. I plan to make more of these.

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