Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas In Vermont

A white Christmas!

We drove from Arkansas to Vermont for snow and we got it! We where actually snowed in for a few days. The weather was cold and the welcome warm.

It was great to see my family for Christmas this year. My older sister got engaged right before we got there, Congratulations, so we got to meet her fiance's family over the holidays. Nice people and almost as crazy as my family! My poor boyfriend had to get to know two families of "Yankees" at once! Of course that meant more gifts under the tree.

He made out like a bandit with lots of imported beer and micro brews for his collection and I got gift certificates for Yarn! One for Webb's and one for the LYS! I also got some great kitchen toys.

We had so many presents it took us until three to open them all! By that time we where more than ready for a break and our traditional Christmas dinner.

In my family, as you might have noticed, food and cooking is a big thing. We all love to cook and food is a passion we all share. Christmas dinner is the only formal Holiday dinner of the year. We usually have three to five courses and get out Grandma's china.

The menu this year:

Boston Lettuce with Lemon Gastrique

Cauliflower Soup with Tempura Pears

Black Pepper encrusted Pork loin with Blood Orange glaze


Seared Trout with Tarragon and Lime

Served with

Green Bean Almondine and Golden Mashed Potatoes

Riesling Poached Pears stuffed with Hazelnuts and Figs

With old Fashioned Gingerbread

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Theraincitymama said...

sounds lovely. Is it the guy she was dating while you were in school? Congrats to her. Nice you could make it up to see your family.